Find out how you can start a Connect Group and make a difference!

Start a Group!

We believe one of the best ways for people to become a disciple is in the context of community. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a leader, or you don’t know where to start. We are all called to lead somehow, and the best place to start is where you are! It’s time to step out and help others grow in their faith. We have two types of Connect Groups. First, we have Social groups, which is the majority of our groups. These are just that - social, building relationships, and discussing Biblical principles. The second is Equip groups, which are more oriented toward a specific topic of study.

We want to ensure you are well equipped with vision and carry the culture of Faith Church. The first step is attending Growth Track, where you'll hear more about Faith Church and have the opportunity to become a Faith Church partner.

Before leading a group:

  1. Attend Growth Track and become a Faith Church partner.
  2. Review the group training on this page.
  3. Commit to leading at least one semester.
  4. Fill out an application to Lead a Group (end of the Leader Guide)

Group semesters run January - May and September -December

Your role as a Connect Group Leader

4 steps to start your group


01 - W A T C H

Download the Group Leader Guide and follow along with the video.

Watch the Group Leader Training video below

02 - P L A N.

Time to craft a plan.

First, make a list of 5 people you could invite. 

Second, determine the type of group, demographic, day, frequency, time, & location of your group.

03 - A P P L Y.

Submit a group application form. We’ll call you within a week for an interview, to approve/delay your group, and give you a next step.

04 - S T A R T.

Once your group is approved it’s time to start! 

Invite people to be a part of your Connect Group, pray over your first meeting, and start to get excited about your group.


TIP: Before your first meeting, be sure to look through our additional Leader Resources.