Fostering relationships that go beyond Sunday morning.

Did you know you’re designed to live in community?

Connect Groups are the place we laugh together, care for each other, and connect God’s Word to our lives through discussion. Our hope is to find real relationships as we become disciples of Jesus, together.

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Social Connects - Social Connects exist to build caring relationships centered on faith in a social setting. These are ongoing groups formed around activity and/or stage of life to build caring friendships and have some discussion about recent sermons.

Equip Groups - Equip Groups exist to equip your faith around a specific topic, guided by a pre-selected curriculum. These groups start and stop each semester, allowing the group to restart each semester with all new members. We have different kinds of Equip Group topics we offer that may vary from semester to semester. Here are this semester's group(s):

  • Alpha - Whether you have known God for years, or are exploring who God is for the first time, Alpha will help you develop a better understanding of our God and key Biblical principles that we believe in as a church.

Semesters run Feb-May and Sept-Dec. Join ANY OPEN GROUP, anytime.