SOAP 2.0

Establishing a daily practice of Scripture reading, prayer, and worship is critical to being formed

Practicing the Way of Jesus: Scripture Reading

Establishing a daily practice of Scripture reading, prayer, and worship is critical to being formed into Christ's likeness and becoming a disciple who pursues the way of Jesus.

Each letter of the acronym represents a movement of devotion toward God. The following pages will give you a synopsis of each and how to use SOAP 2.0 as a guide to cultivating faithful allegiance to God.

You can download the SOAP 2.0 PDF here or you can purchase a paper copy in the lobby!


This is not a "dear diary" journal. Just a short entry to record what you read, what it means to you, and a written prayer to God.

No matter what reading plan you use, or how much you read, you can use this SOAP method of journaling to strengthen your time in God's Word and track what He speaks to you each day.


Read a section of Scripture slowly, and pay attention to anything that the Holy Spirit highlights - write down the Scripture.

If you are just getting started in the practice of daily Scripture reading, start reading through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) along with one chapter in Psalms and/or Proverbs. You can also use a plan or the “verse of the day” in the YouVersion Bible App or a scripture from a recent sermon.


Explore the passage. Is the Holy Spirit highlighting a verse or phrase? Look beyond one verse and read the whole context. What is happening in the story? What would these verses mean to the original audience?

Use various Bible resources to aid you in understanding the passage and write down anything you learn.

  • Use a Study Bible with footnotes.
  • Use the cross-reference section in your Bible.
  • Do a keyword search in the Bible App to find other Scriptures about the topic.
  • is a website with free access to various Bible study tools: look up the meaning of Hebrew/Greek words, read commentaries and other resources.


Ask the Holy Spirit things like: "What are You saying and shaping in my life? How can I practice these truths? Is there an action You want me to take? Where are You at work in my world?" Write down anything that comes to mind.


Write down one or two things expressing your gratitude (be specific). Then close your time in simple worship and adoration, engaging in God's presence. The goal of this segment is to enter into the presence of God, laying your cares before Him, being empowered by His Spirit, delighting in being with Him and worshipping Him with your whole heart's attention and affection.