40 Days of Prayer

We're giving God the first 40-days in 2019.

Prayer changes everything.

We believe prayer makes a difference. Prayer is not as much a "last-ditch effort" but rather a lifestyle. We want to become "pray first" people.

Not only are we starting our year in prayer, but Pastor will be starting the year teaching about prayer.

40-Days of Prayer Challenge

January 7 - February 9

Have your prayers gone stagnant? Do you long to see God move in fresh ways? Are you ready to move to a new place in your walk with God? If so, it's time to take the 40-Day Prayer Challenge!

This 40-Day Prayer Challenge may not be easy, and you may experience some setbacks along the way, as you pray through you can be assured that God will come through.

Starting January 7, we will embark on a prayer journey to circle the promises of God in prayer and keep circling those prayers. Prayer changes everything, and often it's our prayers or our hearts that change first!


1) Pick a time. Commit to a time and pray at that time daily for forty days.

2) Pick a place. Where will you pray each day?

3) Pick a promise. What is your greatest dream or biggest fear? Pick a promise in God's Word and circle (pray) that promise in prayer each day.

4) Pick a person. Find a person to share what you are praying about, and pray together at least one time each week.

For every household that take the challenge, we will give you one copy of the "Draw the Circle" 40-day devotional. Written by Mark Batterson, this 40-day devotional will help increase your faith as you draw your circles in prayer. We will be going this devotional as a church for the duration of the challenge. Books will be available starting January 6; additional copies will be available for purchase as well.

Our hope is that prayer will no just be a 40-day event, but will become a lifestyle!

Hey could God do and how would He move if you circled the same prayers for 40 days? Let's find out together, and pray circles around our greatest dreams and biggest fears!

Ready to take the 40-Day Prayer Challenge?

Text the keyword "40Days" to our text line - 620.604.9280.