If you are interested in hosting or need help finding a House Party - you are in the right place!


A House Party is a group of people who meet in-person to experience an online service together. They build community and encourage each other to grow in their faith by engaging in praise and worship, and watch the message through one of our online platforms.


We recommend keeping these links on hand to text, email, or message to House Party guests.

What if someone wants to give?

Send them this link:

What can I do if someone makes a decision to follow Christ?

We encourage you to celebrate with them, ask to hear their story, and pray with them. They can also text "life" to 620.604.9280 for some great next step devotions and follow-up.

What do I do if someone in my House Party wants to get baptized?

Have them go to the Next Steps area on the Central Hub (, to register for the next baptism.

How can our House Party guests share their story with Faith Church?

We love it when people share what God is doing on Social Media, please tag us!! But if they want to send us a direct message, they can share here: