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Three-weeks course to help you gain traction in your Faith & be deployed with purpose.

Step [1]


You want to know what God has in store for you and how to gain traction in your faith. In Step [1] you'll discover an overview of Faith Church and the Vision as well as ensure you have a solid foundation for living a life following Jesus.

** Step [1] meets at 11am, every FIRST Sunday in the Growth Track room

Step [2]


You were born on purpose with a purpose and you can know the direction God has for you. Our discussion will center around the two areas of purpose you can start in right away, learning to become a disciple of Jesus.

** Step [2] meets at 11 am, every SECOND Sunday in the Growth Track Room

Step [3]


You are ready to go for it. Living a life that is full, following after Jesus is possible and should be a normal way of life. You will discover Kingdom purposes and what is looks like to join with other Believer's to build the Kingdom.

** Step [3] meets at 11 am, every THIRD Sunday in the Growth Track room.