A three-week course to help you gain traction in your faith & live with purpose.

Growth Track is an inspiring, informative and equipping class that takes place in three steps. This class will be ongoing each month throughout the year. You'll want to RSVP for each step to ensure you don't miss any communication and are ready to go for each week. Step One is on the first Sunday of the month, Step Two is on the second Sunday of the month and Step Three is on the third Sunday of the month. It's best completed in one month in sequential order, but we understand life happens and if you miss one, you can jump in the next time that step is offered. The class happens during the 10:45 AM Sunday service, and your hosts will meet you in the Growth Track room at the east end of the lobby.

Step [1]

BELONG to the family.

You want to know what God has in store for you and how to gain traction in your faith. In Step [1] you'll discover an overview of Faith Church's Vision as well as ensure you have a solid foundation for living a life that follows Jesus.

Step [2]

BECOME a disciple.

You were born on purpose with a purpose and you can know the direction God has for you. Our discussion will center around the two areas of purpose you can step into right away as we learn to become a disciple of Jesus.

Step [3]

BUILD the Kingdom of God.

You are ready to go for it. Living a life that is full, following after Jesus is possible and should be a normal way of life. You will discover Kingdom purposes and what it looks like to join with other believer's in our church family to build the Kingdom.