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Many have asked how we can respond to COVID-19 within our community. We setting up a short-term Care Serve Team that would be willing to help meet physical needs and willing to minister to people. If you have been looking for a way to serve the community during this pandemic, this is how you can do just that. 

The link will take you to a form to gather information. There are two roles. One will be calling and checking in on people, praying and encouraging them The other role is physically handling needs that people may have. You can sign up for one or both. 


What an interesting time we are living in. Unique times present unique opportunities for us all. During this time we want to make sure people are cared for and have access to items that will meet their needs. 

There are many initiatives going on in our city and extended regions. However, we want to specifically reach out and connect with people to ensure needs are met. Please click the link below to connect with us about a need you might have.