Our Motto -- We bring faith to life.

Our Mission

We bring faith to life by helping people take their next steps to belong to the family, become a disciple and build the Kingdom of God.

Our Manifesto

At Faith Church, we are bringing faith to life. We are committed to fulfilling Jesus’ mission to love God and love others – it’s faith put to action. We want to connect faith to life in the city of Fort Scott and in every surrounding city. Jesus is the center of our focus and we want to live out our faith in every endeavor, conversation, and place we go. We strive toward generosity and gratitude as we desire to be spirit-led in everything. We choose a faith that is committed rather than casual so we always contribute more than we consume. We are faith-filled in the pursuit of our mission, allowing God’s Word to shape our worldview and priorities. We choose to focus on a few priorities, making them excellent rather than becoming distracted by many good things. Our priorities are: creating life-giving services, partnering in outreach both globally and locally, engaging in life-building connect groups, and creating irresistible kids' environments at every level. We believe unity releases God’s blessing so we remain humble in our choice to give honor to others. No matter if you are far from faith, familiar with faith in Jesus, or have just fallen away – you belong here. Welcome to the faith journey; we believe you’ll find life.